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What To Do After Watching A Horror Movie

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What’s worse than forgetting where you left your phone since the last time you saw? Watching horror movies at night of course. Sometimes watching horror movies is exciting and thrilling, and it might not even be that scary. It is scary when certain horror movies had the horror soundtracks and the creepy ghost crawling its way to you, it can mess up your dream and even your night vision into making yourself question the reality. It’s just that after watching horror movies, you can’t straight away go to sleep and forget what you just watched, you need time to process it and to recover back to your happy and calm memory.

Just by watching the horror movies, and having no time to compost yourself back to reality can increase your anxiety and make you not want to sleep, ending up messing up your whole sleep schedule. Here is why you need to know what to do after a horror movie.

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Watch Something Comedy

Watching something comedy like your favourite Brooklyn-Nine Nine or Liza Koshy youtube videos might give you some good laughs. When you laugh you are relaxing your brain cells and releasing a lot of  dopamine which is extremely good and healthy for your body. 


This may sound weird but dancing helps a lot, this is because when you dance, you regenerate your body. When you dance according to the song you like, you are creating a memory of the sound, in a way of comforting you. The more hyped and pop the song is the less scarier you will get.

Playing Games

Try some PUBG or Among Us maybe mega888 games, it will pull your focus towards that game and the next you know is your mind can’t stop thinking about the game. When your brain gets determined of something like when you are playing a game and your goal is to win, your mind will automatically focus on doing so. This is because it gives you satisfaction to win a game.

Talk To Friend

You can also call your friends and talk to them, you can express how you feel about this particular horror movie or you can just talk about something else. But the more you express and let out your emotions for the horror movies, the less scared you will be. 

This that you should not do is to immediately try to go to sleep, try to use the bathroom, turning off the lights, and not covering yourself with a blanket. Horror movies can be fun and thrilling and even scary to the point you can’t sleep at night, but just so to make you feel better, it’s just a movie, it’s not real. Those are actors and the story is written by the directors. 

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