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Coupons and Casino’s Freebies

Coupons and Other Freebies You Can Expect at the Casino

Coupons and Other Freebies You Can Expect at the Casino

When you visit a fancy place such as Las Vegas, for example, do you always find time to go to a casino such as the Mega888? I hope that you are finding the time since casinos are actually nice places.

Casinos always make it a point to have some promotions most of the time. They even offer what is known as the “funbook” which is actually just a book that is filled with coupons.

The funbook contains coupons that range anywhere from meal and match discounts, free casino logo items such as hats or pens, among many other things.

Coupons and Other Freebies You Can Expect at the CasinoThese funbooks are usually given to tourists and people who come with their friends. This is a casino’s way of thanking them, even though that a sizable number of the said people do not play in the casino. Consider it as a token of gratitude for the possible increased exposure.

Aside from funbooks, popular magazines and publications also solicit coupons from different casinos in the area.

The Las Vegas Advisor and the Casino Player are two of the most popular magazines that do this. Once they’ve acquired some coupons, they will then attach it to the magazines so that people who are interested in going to the particular casino will then be able to enjoy some discounts and other perks!

It can also be seen in other content as well. For instance, you can find some nice coupons in Steve Bourne’s book, the American Casino Guide. It can be found at the back of the said book.

Although there are plenty of coupons that offer some perks and other benefits, there is one that is often overlooked and that is the Match Play Coupon.

What is a Match Play Coupon and How Does It Work?

So what exactly is a match play coupon? Well, it is actually a coupon that can be used for the different table games that are available in the casino. Each coupon will have a corresponding game and they have different denominations as well.

Coupons and Other Freebies You Can Expect at the CasinoFor instance, some coupons may pay three for two, two for one, or even seven to five.

Most coupons are only limited to a number of table games such as the pass line in craps, blackjack, and the roulette table.

But, do keep in mind that in some casinos, they offer even more (just look at the coupon and its underlying mechanics).

How do you use it? Well, as an example, say that you want to play a game of blackjack and you happen to have a $10 match play coupon. What you will do is make your own offer, like $10, and then play the coupon as well. In the event that you will win, you will gain extra money (the one that is stipulated in the coupon).


There are plenty of coupons that are usually given in the casinos, but one of them should not be overlooked and they are the match play coupons. Use this to your advantage and your odds of winning big will increase.

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