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5 Top Tips for your E-commerce site to make it usable

The rivalry between e-commerce sites is highly competitive especially when it comes to your website. Customers want simple ecommerce website and fast. If customers find navigating your site are hard and confusing, no matter how good your product or service is or how competitive your prices are, they would simply leave and look for a new place to shop online.

If you make the process of purchasing simple and quick, that means your site incorporates with the usability and the customers love that.

Here are tips that will help you to put up a user-friendly website with high conversion rates.

Buying with no Registrations needed

Having to register after you have earnestly shopped for the item you wanted just so you could check out leaves a bad taste in the mouth of customers. Allow visitors to purchase from you as guests, and then invite them to register so as to make their future transactions in your store a lot easier. This method not only increases sales, but also improves retention of customers and cart abandonment reduction.

Shopping cart

It is compulsory for E-commerce sites to have proper management of content and security of personal details. This earns the confidence of shoppers to purchase from your site, so you need to assure them that your site has features that will protect your customer’s privacy and private information. Get trust certificates from reputable companies to help build the trust of your customers in shopping with you.

Buttons for easy sign up & CTA

Avoid giving tedious forms for your customers to fill in before they can register successfully. Make it easy and simple – Their Email and a password is all you need. Utilize CTA buttons for this as it drives high conversion and improves the usability of your site. Consider the positioning, the size and color and make sure it stands out in your website.


Search Feature

If you have multiple items or carrying a lot of products in your store, implement a search function for your customers. This feature helps customers find the specific item they are looking for without the frustration of combing through all of your products.

Utilize Breadcrumb Navigation

Help your customers know where they are in the checkout process so that they have an idea on how many more steps to take before they can finish their purchases. This is to also prevent customers from thinking that your process is taking forever and keep them from getting bored and leaving. This feature also gives your customers the option to return to previous step to change mistakes or items in the cart.

Avoid Hidden Charges

Always be transparent with your prices, located your shipping prices and tax or discounts early so that your customers won’t be surprised by the end of their purchase with sudden hidden charges. Unexplained costs are one of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment.