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5 big hotel website design trends

Website design trends are always changing. This coming 2019, we’ll be seeing more innovative ideas, creative concepts and new retro design versions.  In the competitive hotel industry, good web design is vital for business growth. Potential guests compare their choices quickly, and judge hotel accommodations within seconds, depending on the overall feel and look of their websites.

Good website design immediately communicates a good impression to potential clients. If they are in the right place, they will know it instantly. They will know if your hotel provides the amazing experience they are hoping to get. Through your website, tell them that you are offering something special and unique.

1.Broken Grid Layout

In website design, a grid is a foundation utilized by website building companies to plan the various elements to be incorporated in a digital space. Using a grid is crucial to ensure balance, and overall web page consistency.

However, this grid may be broken. Do you think this is a great idea? If a person looks at the same grid designs over and over again, boredom can strike. If this usual pattern suddenly breaks, then it can grab further attention. Break the grid from time to time for fresh, new interface your guests would love to look at.

2.Captivating Imagery

Websites continue to get bolder and more colorful. Utilizing saturated gradients and vibrant colors are techniques used to grab further attention for websites with boring imagery. For most hotel websites, lack of images is not an issue. Hotels are actually becoming braver and bolder when it comes to choosing hero images.

Rather than just uploading images in a homepage, a lot of hotels are already incorporating lifestyle and brand-driven materials.

3.Non-Distracting Animation

Back in the 1990s, there was a huge trend of sites that featured quirky and brash animation. At first, it was fun and exciting, but as it progressed, it became garish and over-the-top. Thanks to jQuery and CSS3, animations are now more refined and subtle. Nevertheless, a type of non-distracting animation is beginning to appear quite often, in the form of hero videos. It’s about poolside recreation and other beach ideas told in an understated, clever way. This content demonstrates how a less-is-more animation method can efficiently communicate a brand’s message.

4.Embracing Bold Fonts

Thanks to the recent web CSS protocols, we can now utilize a wide range of fonts to promote a hotel’s personality. Sans-serif, the minimalist font, has dominated our digital lives in the recent years, but website designers are turning even more adventurous in selecting fonts that can make positive impressions. That means using bold and big fonts.


One of the newest approaches to the scene, brutalism is an unconventional method that can tear up an entire web design rule book. When implementing brutalism, light, clean and ordered visuals are not an option. This approach is all about a chaotic, disordered style that challenges all mainstream principles of a modern website.

This is obviously not an option for most hotels. However, it represents a specific web design trend that can set a digital space apart, when implemented well.

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