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10 Email Management Tips to Reduce Stress for Event Planners


Best event planners are usually avalanched by emails whether from a current client, a co-worker or prospect customer. Sifting through emails necessary for someone in events but very tedious – but it doesn’t have to be. Look at these tips to simplify the task of managing your emails and keep yourself sane.


Utilize tech to manage your inbox

Use technology to your advantage and let it do the work of managing your inbox for you. Search for widgets or email plug-ins that can help make your tasks easier.One example is Followup.cc or Boomerang if you tend to neglect your email follow-ups. This helps set reminders, and re-surfaces those emails that you don’t hear back from – ideal for sending supplier requests for your client, searching venues or simply exchanging emails.

Use a strategy for managing follow up urgency

Email clients usually display a single stream of read and unread messages in your inbox. Change this by strategizing how you will organize your inbox and manage your follow up urgency by using tabs to follow up emails after certain periods of time.


Take advantage of canned responses

Use canned responses if you need to send out typical or common email responses. An example is Gmail’s plug-in that helps you create, delete and store common emails.


Use Extensions

Most browsers that you use have very useful extensions you can install to help you with your email management. Add browser extensions that connect to your productivity app to help you manage the   various details that you need to face when planning an event.


Set up out of the office auto response as a CTA

When you are out of the office possibly due to an event, you can expect that when you get back, your once clear inbox will be swimming with new emails. Instead of just setting up a standard out of the office reply, get creative and use it as a call to action. Add items, new service or new partners that you want your clients to see into your out of the office.


Out of office email signature

The same with your out of the office CTA add one to your email signature to increase effectiveness.


Email timebox

Utilize a timebox to create calendar invites for you to help you manage tasks like checking your emails.     You can use this to remind you to check your inbox at the start, middle and end of the day.


Label, categorize and filter

Chances are, you are working with at least two clients in different areas with different timelines.Use labels in your inbox to mark certain clients which makes it easier to find specific emails from specific clients in your inbox. Categories work the same as labels by tagging emails of a certain type such as requests. Filters streamline the process of looking for emails based on a keyword.



Check your entire inbox for subscriptions that you didn’t ask for then unsubscribe from all of them. These add to the stress when you see an inbox full of unread emails. Use tools like Unroll.me that can help you unsubscribe from any newsletter you are on.


Lessen use of email

Look for tools that can help free you from using emails. An example is Slack, which allows you to upload files, add social media widgets or integration to your event website.With Slack, you can put all files on one spot and help you streamline your team. Use these tips to help you stay sane and properly manage    your inbox, so you can focus on the more important things during your event planning.